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During these challenging times, the UConn AIAA Student Branch is hard at work! Students are currently preparing for the SpacePort America Cup by developing systems to assemble, test and fly "SkyWalker", the 12ft 165 lbs sounding rocket.

With the exciting new addition of the Propulsive Landing team, AIAA students are also working on landing a 2ft model rocket using gimbal thrust vector control from a 30 ft drop, through much inspiration from SpaceX!



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UConn AIAA Rocket Feature Skywalker

AIAA Rocketry Team standing proudly alongside the solid fuel motor casing, which was fired on Crow's Island Airport in Mass. on 2/22/20

This exact motor will propel our Class M rocket at IREC during the competition season in June!

Check out the static fire video!

Static fire of our student developed O-6900 class solid rocket motor from 2019.

An identical motor carried our 14', 175 lb rocket to nearly 24,000' at IREC the following June!